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8:41pm February 2nd]


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4:08pm August 29th]
Im a follower of fads.

obviously, thats a bad thing.

But for now.. later LJ.
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12:37pm August 15th]
I love my friends. :)
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11:04pm August 3rd]
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4. Say as much or as little as you want

5. Dont feel afraid to say anything

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I'm leaving for New York, so everyone enjoy your weekend.
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4:56pm July 31st]
so.. It's only been one weekend with the Force (new soccer team) and it's been a blast. They are all great people -so welcoming- and I just can't wait for the upcoming year. Anyways, We had a tournament this weekend (NSR) and we won . Had to play eclipse in the finals and we scored in overtime. It was sweet. We have another tournament this coming weekend in New York (leaving with Chels in 4 days) and it should tons of fun. ahh. <33

also, I GOT A NEW PHONE that actually works. And, it was free, again. so excited.

ok well, It's only 5.

And i smell, so im gonna go take a shower.
then figure plans out for tonight?!

goodbye! <3
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11:01pm July 23rd]

Well.. im updating.
I've decided that its been a month or so since i have last. so i figured i should tell people what i have been up to this summer. 

First off, i got my license.  It has been quite an experiance. Tons of Fun but with a few.. mistakes? hahaha- yea. moving on. 

I left on the 2nd to Erikas boat (near cedar point) and it was tons and tons of fun.  You can check out the pictures here. The Boat Trip of 05. -- brought to you by Erika :) --  yea, it was quite the trip. -- "Hey mommy, i met a boy." -- "Vroom.. hold me hand" -- badonkadonk. -- Boat Mix. -- the ton of movies. -- Cedar Point. -- Coloring Books. -- and tons more.  Take my word for it, i had the time of my life. Nine Days with Erika Muller and Meghan "vroom vroom" Drumheller.. it was amazing.

I've been able to hang out with some sweet people lately. Kristen, Amanda, Carter, Jill, KPiz, Amy, and Meghan are all amazing friends.  I love them.  A few fun nights with Kristen & Amanda, a night full of Carter & Jill, and a couple random days/nights with Meghan, KPiz, & Amy.  It was just to much fun.

Besides all that, ive been trying to get in shape for soccer.. but im not doing such a great job with the actual running part.  Me and Carter have been going to lifetime every other day and working out.  It's been quite interesting seeing carters reaction to my arm lifting abilities.  But i love her for actually trying to help me. :) Im gonna miss her so much this year. BUT i dont want to be upset just yet.  I have a few more weeks with her.

So this is my phone situation at the moment.  About a month ago i threw my phone up against a wall and it broke.  The screen wouldnt work and I'd have to throw it against the cement to actually call someone.  It was a piece.  I finally got it fixed a week ago.  For $0.  I was SOO happy. Then, yesterday.. My brother kicked me and i set my phone on the ground to the left of me, so i had a free arm to punch him back.  Some how, magically- it ended in a cup full of pop on the right of me. I dont know how it happened, but somehow it still worked and i was able to make calls with it. Later on though, the pop dried out and the keys became sticky.  So, Jess being the brilliant one that she is (did i mention she is ALWAYS right about everything) thought it would be a good idea to put it in a cup of water, to get rid of the pop.  So, we tried it and guess what?!? MY PHONE DOESNT EVEN TURN ON ANYMORE. well, i was very angry about it.  But, my mom told me their was warrenty on the phone and i probably could get a new phone for free again.  I called Verizon and they told me this "you can not get a new phone for free, you will have to buy a brand new phone and  it will be quite expensive."  lucky lucky me.  My only best bet for you would be, if you want to call me, leave a message so i can call you back, otherwise. dont bother.

Soo.. this is what I am up to for awhile:
-leave tomorrow til the 28th for CMU *soccer camp with the girls. Emily, Katie, and Q.. gonna be soo much fun*
-the night of the 28th i have a special event i must attend. :D
-leave 29-31 for Saginaw.
-leave August 4th to the 8th for New York. hmm exciting!
...busy busy me.

well, Im tired. Goodnight.



At night I pray
That soon your face
will fade away

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12:06pm June 26th]
well, im updating. a first for awhile. i just choosed not to say anything til soccer and school was over. and now that it is. i must update.. but now i just realized. we had our last game a week ago, all well. i guess im just lazy.

We made it to state finals. we beat regina 3-1 in the semis and then played FHC at their home field in grand rapids, lucky them. and we didnt do good. yea, it sucked. all well. anyways, were state finalist! good enough.

Sooo.. for the past week I've been waking up at 8 and cleaning til late at night. It's all for one cause, Jess' Graduation Party. So, my house looks nice and now i can actually have people over.. thats always good.

Also, i get my license in 5 days.. im excited. Since I live NO WHERE near anyone, I can drive to them. And i like driving. so its a plus.

well, thats all. lifes boring now. cleaning sucks. boys suck. and trying to stay in shape for soccer, sucks.


Ps. i miss carter. :/ ... cant wait til she gets back.
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4:23pm June 11th]
This deserves an entry...



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10:10pm May 19th]
Wow, I can't believe its almost over.
The people that I look up to so much.
The mentors, the joksters, the en-lighteners, the fans, the cheerful crowd, my friends.
There leaving this school, and moving along with their lives.
And the thing that sucks most, is in 10 years, half of them won't remember their high school career.
They won't remember the younger class men
the ones that looked up to these great people and would do anything to be accepted by them.
To you, i'm remembered as Jess' younger sister: the stupid little girl that hung all over her boyfriend by your lockers.
For me, I'll remember you as my role models: the ones that kept my first two years of high school, ones that i will never forget.
You all affected my life in some way, and for that, I thank you.
So to the class of 2005, you are all amazing.
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5:06pm May 12th]

Comment if youd like to be added.

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8:16pm March 22nd]
[ mood | silly ]

OK. so heres the scoop. THE REAL reason why I have not updated in so long.

yes thats right.  Me and Melissa are having a HUGE birthday party for ourselves.


Who can come? only cool people are invited. so if your not, that sucks, but if you are.. get ready.


When is this so called party? April 23rd. (yep yep, best date.) ALL DAY.

Where will this be? At a Castle in England called Kenilworth. For information click here.

How will we be arriving?  AIR FORCE ONE STYLE BABY!

What you need to bring. LOTS AND LOTS OF PRESENTS!!


Soo, Comment if you think you should come. And until April 23rd.. ;)



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